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How can I turn a tablet pc into a universal remote control? Answered

I am interested in turning an old tablet pc into a universal remote control for my entertainment system. I would need to build a transmitter compatible with the computer and have a program that could allow it to give the right frequency to be used with a tv. I have looked online and the only things even close to this use 9-pin serial ports. This computer does not have any. Is there another way? If not would you be specific in the circuit needed to be built, I am not very good with circuits.



8 years ago

I was also looking to do something similar. I don't know if this is what you are looking for, or if it will work in your situation. I have a program that will send commands to a Media system (Windows Media Center / SageTV etc...) . One half (Server) sits on the media center and the client sits on your Tablet PC, it works through the network. You can read about it more here: http://www.sochia.com/projects.html


9 years ago

I believe infrared remote controls work by emitting a series of pulses. Your equipment 'sees' these infrared pulses and if they correspond to a command, they execute that command. You could perhaps have an infrared led attached to your computer via your serial port, or perhaps usb port and write a program to send the appropriate timings to the LED. That's a very high level overview though....