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How can I turn a thrift store prom dress into a medieval gown for 11y/o niece? She wants to dress up for the ren faire. Answered

I was thinking of getting a sleeveless gown and sewing tabs with the grommets on the either side of the back and then lace to fit my 11 y/o niece. That is where my ideas run out. I don't know what to do about the sleeves. Maybe an undergown and just put some bell sleeves? I am at a loss.


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9 years ago

Didn't some of the medieval gowns have sleeves that tied on? Slits for laces/ribbons could be reinforced with Fraycheck if buttonholes aren't possible... or just sew laces to the bodice and the sleeve. If you did a double sleeve, you could make multiple slits in the outer one and pull tufts of the under fabric through. I'm just tossing out ideas. Costumers here can probably offer much more specific information.