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How can I get a fly back transformer from a ionic air purifier to work? Answered

I took apart a ionic purifier and i haven't cut many wires(I needed the switch.), but i need help using it as a hv supply.
There's four different wires red, black, yellow, and white and i need to know witch ones to connect to get it to work. I'll have pics later.

UPDATE: Now I have pics.

P.S. It worked before I took it apart.



6 years ago

look at the biggest transistor on the circuit board, it will likely be a mosfet, and / or heatsinked.

it should go directly to some of the pins on the flyback, that would be the internal power IN, or internal primary.
The ground is easy enough to find as it is likely directly connected to the power supply negative.
The flyback HV wire is likely the thickest one comming out of the top.

however, it has an external ferrite, so you can probably wind a new primary on, it just takes like 5-10 windings of any old insulated wire.

If you have the means, run the thing and check the frequency and pwm it runs at, and then just build an oscillator circuit which produces the same output, or just build the circuit the mad scientist recomended. i have, and it works great.

follow the guide on that site , it will work the same

RocketPenguinThe MadScientist

Answer 7 years ago

i know i know but it was to late to change it.

and i would have no clue if it is on the flyback.


8 years ago

well if you had a picture it will be easer to help but as right now if it is a fly back it will not shock you, it will kill you so be careful.

Adam Manick

8 years ago

it is probably not a playback transformer. Try to hook up the red and bleach wires to pulsating dc and the other wires might be outputs. Search for flyback driver and use that circuit. Be careful. These can shock you.

RocketPenguinAdam Manick

Answer 8 years ago

well it has ten pins on the bottom and a big red wire on the top. there are three wires connected to different pins i'm guessing positive, negative, high voltage ground. thats what i think.