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How can I use an LM386 module to double the volume from an RCA audio output? Answered

Hi there,

I have limited knowledge when it comes to electronics, but enough to put together a basic project. Any help with my question would be greatly appreciated.

The project I'm embarking on is this: I intend to double the volume of an output (mono RCA from an old 1980s video camera) via a small amplifier, so that I can monitor the audio via a set of headphones. The destination of the signal from the camera will be a portable recording device, which weirdly but conveniently has a 2.2mm 5v 500ma output plug. I intend to use this power output to power the amplifier.

My goal here is to spend as little on the project as possible, which has led me to consider purchasing an LM386 module, listed here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/LM386-Audio-Amplifier-Module-200-Times-5V-12V-Input-10K-Adjustable-Resistance-/140894919328?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item20cdfddaa0 and use this as the amplifier - splitting the output to two different lines. One for headphones and the other for the audio out.

The questions I have are
1. is my power output from the portable recording device 5v 500ma too small or too great to run the LM386 module? If so, how could I deal with this to still use the power output from the recording device?
2. Where would I connect the female 2.2mm socket to on the LM386 device? I see GND GND IN and LINE labels on the unit, but aren't really clear on what these are indicating in relation to my audio input and power. Output from the unit appears clear enough.

As I said, any help would be greatly appreciated as it's early stages of the project and I'm open to suggestion.




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6 years ago

First thing you should do is look up the datasheet for the LM386. There you will find the range of voltages (4V to 12V) the part can handle as well as other helpful information about the part. Once you get through all the tech jargon that is. Then do a search for LM386 audio amp schematics. Then you'll know what other parts you'll need, how to hook it all up, the wattage output of the finished product and how many voltes you'll need to acheive that output.