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How can I use my IBM Profile or my laptop LCD screen as just a monitor for my desktop machine? Answered

I have very limited space to work out of and would like do away with big monitor. Even more limited is money. But parts, inngenuity and creativity abound! I love to make cool stuff out of found crap. Can I use my IBM Profile, (flat screen with whole computer housed within the screen), as just a monitor for my desktop machine. (Compaq Pavillion, XP sp3)? Can I make a monitor out of my laptop LCD screen? ( Acer Travelmate- it fried due to frequent overheating, not sure yet what is good/bad internally, gets stuck trying to boot, screen is fine) What is essential to a monitors' functioning, (hardware, driver, software, emmulation)? I've researched the subject a little bit, but havent found definitively the minimum of parts or features I need to make it work. I found more info on how much more you can get it to do, other than just BE A SCREEN for my desktop machine, and most of the info seems to take for granted that the reader has done this kind of mod or adaptation before. I'm clever and have some skills but it is not my profession, just a DIY that interests and challenges me to DO IT, and it would give me back my work surface. So? Can it be done? Is it practical? Better ideas maybe? Thanx All.



Best Answer 10 years ago

If it doesn't already have a video input to use then you'll have a very hard time interfacing directly with the screen. An option is to use a video capture card and display a live view on the screen of the other machine - OR use something like windows remote desktop, or real vnc. Both are free options which allow you to 'view' the screenless box in a virtual environment. For all intents and purposes you'll be using the computer, over the network, but instead of a video card to a monitor, you'll have a virtual video interface to a separate computer.


10 years ago

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