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How can a I make a circuit to change between 5 led lights in order when a button is pressed Answered

I hope i'm asking this in the right section and please bear with me i'm a real beginner.
I tried to googleit but I don't know the name of what i'm trying to accomplish.

I want to build a circuit that does the following:

I have 1 on off switch, 1 momentory off - on push button and 5 led lights.

When I power the circuit using the switch I want the first led to be on.

When I press the push button I want the second led to turn on and the first to turn off.

And so on.... when the fith led is on and the button is pressed I want the first led to turn on.

I hope that explains it clear enough for you to get what I am after. If anyone can point me in the direction of a guide/tutorial on how to accomplish this it would be a great help.




7 years ago

You can use a microcontroller .. 5 pins as output which will be tied to the leds and two for the switches .. its quite a simple program .. any controller will do the trick although for this use a 12 pin pic or something like that!


7 years ago

You could do this with a microcontroller if you're into them. I used to work with purely ICs (I suppose I still do), and built hard circuits. But I've since moved to microcontrollers. I loved working with individual IC chips, but I don't have the time for that. I'm a code junkie, anyway xD


7 years ago

Thanks for your help.

I had a look at that circuit and I think I understand whats going on.

What is the chip called that all the LED's are going into? So I know what to buy...