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How can a rocket using liquid hydrogen and oxygen force a rocket upwards? Answered

If hydrogen and oxygen are burned together they produce water.  You need a lot of hydrogen and oxygen to make a very small amount of water. If when burning those two gases together produces water, which takes up much less space, how can it possibly propel a rocket into space. You need expanding gases to force something forward. Hydrogen and oxygen when burned together IMPLODE they do not EXPLODE ! The two gases contract into a liquid they do not expand like conventional combustion of solid fuel !


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4 years ago

You'd think the evidence of your eyes, when H2 and O2 are burned in the engines of a rocket, that they generate thrust, so something about your understanding is wrong. The Space shuttle engines drank H2 and O2 at a rate that, in the 2 foot diameter pipes off the external tank, they flowed at 70 mph to the engines.