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How can can I make a fake icecube?What do I use? Answered

I want to make a fake icecube(s) as a prop for a short film that I am making. Does anyone know a way that I can make a fake icecube that won't cost to much and is easy to make?




Best Answer 10 years ago

What does it need to be able to do? I'd cast one out of hot glue, embedding a few coins for weight, if it just needs to sit somewhere. It's as simple as squeezing hot glue into a greased ice cube tray. Use the clearest glue sticks you can find. If it doesn't come out perfect, you can still cut the glue with a knife to carve it differently. You might also check your local Winners, a few home decor stores, and your local dollar stores. I've seen glass and plastic "ice cubes" at all these stores.