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How can describe the function of this circuit? Is there any application of it? Answered

I found a circuit for control a DC motor ( as show below), but I´m not sure of how works it. Could you help me please?


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2 years ago

The 74LS08 is an AND DUAL input 5V only WRONG non working gate..

Whilst the working 7406 open collector inverter gate, accepts a zero input and output allows R1 to raise the Mosfet gate to 12V which causes the transistor to conduct the RL current..

When you apply 5 volts to the 7406 input the output gets pulled lo = ground.. This low Mosfet gate causes the transistor to turn_off ie stop the current flow that used to flow through the RL resistor.

So to review ;

1) a low turns_ON

2) a high turns_off