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How can i Start Kayaking... Where i can find a sea kayak blue print Answered

Dear experts and friends. me and my friend planning to do a expedition of country (Bangladesh ) cross with kayak within 60 days.
problem is:
1. In here we dont have any expert of kayak. because we dont have any culture of kayaking.
2. Thats why we cant find any instructor here :( our bad luck. but we are not hopeless. we want to do it.
3. In here its quit impossible to find a good kayak which will suits us.
4. We are planning to make it...but how ,still we dont know :( thats why we are looking for help.
5. For this expedition what we need to carry and how we can manage ....no idea :(
6. What measures we should take
7. What will be the first step to do this
and more......

Why wants to do:
We love Adveture
Now we are doing sort of cycing and Trekking ...
we want to introduce Kayaking in our beautiful country
. Basically Bangladesh is river base country ...About 800 hundreds Its situated bank of Bay of Bengal.
This rivers are dying because lack of knowledge,
very few knw the eco system (even me )
But we believe if river die people will die :(
To promote value of river.
To help ecosystem
To poke government
to save our river.
and more........


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7 years ago

1. Know how to swim.
2. Find someone that boats or rafts on the river that knows the currents. Depending on the season, there may be rapids due to floods or other navigational hazards.
3. Maybe start rafting. Is this sea or river kayak?
4. Watch "Gilligan's Island".