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How can i build a red dot sight? Answered

i would like to know how to build a high quality (not a red dot drawn on cling wrap) red dot sight for an air rifle


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Best Answer 11 years ago

Items required
Clear perspex with CLEAR SIDES (VERY IMPORTANT, cannot have scratches or cutting marks)
A scope body (I'll leave that up to you depending on the exact type of RDS you want and how you want it to fit the gun)
A red LED torch or laser light (depending on personal preference and/or performance)

Simply scratch out a small circle (RDS) or even cross hair (Holographic sight) on the perspex with a sharp object and fit it to the scope body

Then shine the laser/torch through the side of the perspex so it illuminates the scratched out section.

It may take some experimenting but at the end you should end up with a fairly well functioning RDS/ Holographic sight replica

good luck!


9 years ago

To make a true red dot sight, you would need a red laser, a tilted sphereical mirrored prism, tubing to mount it in, and a power source for the battery.

The suggestions of a flat piece of clear plastic and an LED or laser are incorrect, as the will be useless for aiming unless your eye is in EXACTLY the same position for each shot. They are closer to a reflex sight, which requires a flat plate at an angle for the image to be projected on, a collaminating lens, and a light source


10 years ago

you can have a scope or a sight, it doesn't really matter. to make it a proper red dot sight you need:
1 led
a sheet of clear, non scratched glass or plastic (plastic will be easier to cut).
bits of card or toilet role either one if you are making a scope or sight.
and something to power the led.
the first image is a red dot scope, and the one in the second image is a red dot sight.

once you have connected your led to a battery put it so it shines on the glass and points in the middle. you should see a little dot on the plastic, and that is basically a red dot sight, and all you need to do after that is put it all together. the pictures below will give you an idea of what they look like.
hope you succeed!.

L10804931a.jpgDocteroptics 55701 Doctersight Red Dot.jpg