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How can i connect my car stereo to powered speakers? Answered

I have a pair of edifier R1280t powered bookshelf speakers which sound great. They have two inputs and i use one of them with my pc. I have a car stereo lying around and would want to hook them to the other input on the speakers using a psu. But my question is, can i connect powered bookshelf speakers to my car stereo? I have rca connections on the stereo and i think i can connect them but i am not sure. Please help me. Attached is the stereo wiring diagram in the manual.


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1 year ago

You can connect the stereo using the RCA output for the rear speakers amp.
You can not use the speaker output for the normal speakers!
With the RCA connection done just set the radio's fader to the rear speakers and to adjust the output level.
What you want is either the same level as for the other connected system or ensure that at full volume on the stereo the signal to the speaker won't cause distortions.
Usually I would prefer to stay on the low side for the stereo and and only adjust it to match what the other device would produce.


Reply 1 year ago

Thank you for the response sir. I will do it and let you know how it went.