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How can i convert the side windows in my truck shell to be side doors? More in details...? Answered

I have an Innovation truck shell, it is a discontinued brand (came with my truck when i bought it) so no truck shell people want to work on it (a lot of them seem to have the policy that they won't work on shells they didn't install. My original plan was to find and have installed windoors, then have aluminum water jet cut to either cover or replace the glass if i couldn't just get them premade as metal or fiberglass doors. There was a video from germany that had the installation of what i was looking for, but nothing local, and i couldn't find them to buy doors. i am concerned if i can't find them and go to my secondary plan, to piano hinge and attempt to gas shock my waterjetted pieces and fabricate doors to fit in the frames, will leak and not work well, the frames aren't made for that kind of movement and may fail. i know i will probably have to cut my shell if there aren't indoors that fit my window holes. not sure where to start or go with this, any advice or strategy by  a knowledgeable person appreciated,


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3 years ago

Why not use frames and windows from an existing truck/4WD?
Takes some work to get them out but if you leave some metal around them it is quite easy to fit them in.
Otherwise check place that do custom jobs on boats, they often have good ideas and suppliers for sliding windows and doors that are waterproof.


Answer 3 years ago