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How can i download a Flip video onto Windows Movie Maker? If i can't, what program should i use? Answered

I can't download any of my videos from my Flip or Flip software to Windows Movie Maker. Is there a way i can get it to download? I also found that the Flip does not support FireWire which, if its true, really sucks because, as i understand it, it is the universal program for all/most editing softwares. Which means i can only use a software meant for Flip cameras. If i can't use Windows Movie Maker, what can i use other than the flip software (which also stinks by the way)?



8 years ago

A flip camera should make a file accessible via usb mass storage device. -- that file probably won't play nice with wmm. You need to use a file converter program to change it into something your editing suite of choice will work with.

Are you in windows xp, vista or 7? wmm as of win7 is actually REALLY compatible with most file formats -- previous versions were really picky.


8 years ago

Windows Movie maker would have you use MS formats for everything, and it really doesn't like Flip. I've successfully exported Flip videos to other programs