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How can i get more views to my instructables and how can i get more popular here on instructable ? Answered



Best Answer 5 years ago

Looking at what you have published so far, my #1 piece of advice is to start writing step-by-step instructions.

Step-by-steps are the main point of this site, and the most popular format. They can be downloaded, printed out, and followed at the reader's own speed. They do not need you to carry your internet device into your workshop, and do not require a high-speed internet connection to read, and do not use huge amounts of memory if you download them.

Videos have their place, but (IMO) they should be used to supplement written and still-image instructions, not replace them.

Orange Shadow

5 years ago

Just be yourself really. When your posting a step by step add small jokes and humor. Also try to have instructables that other people might enjoy. Sometimes it takes time for a person to be recognized as a genius.


5 years ago

Well, you already have some good advice here. The only thing I can add is do what you love to do and don't worry too much about how popular it is. Things come and go in terms of popularity and what people are not interested in today they will be tomorrow or the next day.

Also, as someone metioned, try using catchy titles that make people stop and say "hey, what's that???". And if you do step by step, you can add amusing little things in, like a bit of history about origami and quilling and your personal stories about how you got started doing it and what your inspiration is and so on.


5 years ago

1. Step by steps are the life blood of Instructables.

2. Branch out. All your content is origami and quilling. If step-by-step content in this vein still doesn't pull hits then try something new. Every project, hobby or housework, I do I try to document as I go. If there isn't much content like it on the site I (eventually) post it.

3. A little luck. Hitting on something popular after it's mainstream but before it's overdone. You can sort of predict this but you still need a little luck.

4. Get featured. There are a couple guides on the site for getting featured. This will push your post to the front page of the catagory and possibly the sites homepage.

5. Enter (applicable) contests. It's just another place people can find your content.

6. Keep at it. If you keep popping up with quality content people will start to follow you and view all your content.


Answer 5 years ago

Very nicely worded.

Thanks for providing an opportunity for my 500th comment!


5 years ago

1. Look at the help file on how to make a good instructable.

2. Make an instructable that will appeal to a lot of people. Pick an interesting and informative title remember that a lot of hits will come from google searches so use a title they might search for.

3. Make it detailed with really sharp and informative pictures.

4. Be patient.

My instructable for making an electric racing car got 110722 views BUT my rabbit trap gets 173594! More people want to trap rabbits than build cars I guess.

My origami fish mobile only 4258. You have to pick your subjects to get a lot of views. Personally I don't make the instructables because I want to enter a view hit contest I do it because I want to share what I do with people who have similiar interests no matter how many or how few..


5 years ago

Your best bet is to post awesome stuff and use social media, I asked this question a while ago and social media was the option of choice.

Make sure you have enough keywords, I use www.keyword-finder.net I find this works well and it is 100% free!