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How can i get my PC to detect a WIFI signal again? Answered

About 3 weeks ago, I was trying to update from win10 v 1709 to Win 10 version 1803 but I couldn't finish because the signal for this particular WiFi at the Lodge became so weak all of the sudden. Actually, the lodge has two routers- one with the excellent signal and the other with a very weak signal. What surprised me is that my android phone detects the signal immediately I enter the lodge premise but my PC won't. This WIFI network only shows up on the available networks for a few seconds and it disappears for hours. Sometimes I get lucky, it comes on and connects automatically but limited service. So I think my PC has a problem and not the router. Any help please. I'm stuck here for like 3 weeks, school work isn't easy to do anymore. I've atrached pictures from which u will see what Im talking about. I'll appreciate your responses.



2 years ago

Windows 10 sometimes has a problem with wi-fi after an update. Try going to device manager and uninstall the wi-fi driver. Then restart windows 10 and the wi-fi should work. If it doesn't see if there is an update to the wi-fi driver. Good luck.