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How can i have my home alarm system email me system status? Answered

I have a concord 4 home alarm system from GE. It currently supports the following communication methods to report status.
1. GSM by means of a $250 module to connect to alarm.com
2. Outbound dialing to a pager # which will send codes which you need to look up to see what they mean.
3. Central monitoring station service which it will dial and send system status to.

I've seen modules such as the Telguard TG-1 which will intercept the outbound dialing and convert the pager tones and transmit them over GSM to a central station as well.

What i'd like to do is one of the following.

I'd like to get the system status messages from my system, but I don't want to purchase the GSM feature or a pager as I already have a cell phone. I can add the enterprise paging feature from at&t but I just feel there must be a DIY method for this.

One option I've been considering is a phone line simulator component to basically have it connect to a server I have via a fake modem connection and use the GE Enterprise Downloader software to have the system upload/download from that using the phone line simulator. Beyond that, i'm not sure what options I have.. Would love some ideas.



7 years ago

Try using this link and mod it to tweet alarm changes to you.



Answer 7 years ago

I saw those mods (and another alarm mod) but they both work on the premise of open/closed on/off. (Although the link you sent includes RFID which is cool) The problem is an alarm system has hundreds of states (e.g. Bathroom Window open) Fire Alarm On, etc which are only sent via the phone line to the CS (Central Station) or via pager.


Answer 7 years ago

A Stamp or Arduino can be programmed to review 128 units for active
( On / off ) state and tweet a separate message for each one to your
smart phone.