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How can i make a ps3 control charging station? Answered

How can i make a ps3 control charging station?
is there anything that i should look out like voltage or something??


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Best Answer 9 years ago

well the ps3 uses a standard mini usb type B jack to charge, so i would suggest getting one of those cables to start with.
next up is yes, voltage. every usb connection uses 5 volts to operate, no more, no less. the lm7805 voltage regulator takes 6V+ in and spits out a regulated 5v, look at some of the usb chargers around on the site here to get what i mean.
i would probably run it off wall power, since im pretty sure you need to have your ps3 on to charge the controllers, a 9v wall adapter would work well.

then its as simple as building a portable usb charger circuit, and replacing the battery with the wall adapter, and the usb socket with the usb mini type B cable. (after you strip the end you plug into the computer).

put it into a nice case, and you can charge your ps3 controller easily. attach more mini type b cables for more controllers.

any more questions PM me.


9 years ago

If you mean the ps3 hand held controller - then any powered usb cable will do the job - just plug it into a usb socket or plug that has a usb socket built in.


Answer 9 years ago

unfortunately, this is not the case, or at least, no longer the case.
I used to have the original fat ps3 that came with a sixaxis controller, and several of the dualshocks when they first came out.
my friend and I were certain we could charge our controllers with our blackberry chargers which put out 5v & 500mA or anything that had a usb port.
i recently upgraded to the new slim ps3 and so did he and now neither of our controllers will recharge the same way as it used to.
these same chargers or any other mini usb chargers (i have tried blackberry, blueant, motorola & scientific atlanta digital boxes, media players, receivers, samsung tv) that put out the same specs and none of them will initiate the but charging process.
only a PC or the PS3 itself will do the trick.
crappy cause now i have to charge it via the ps3 maybe an hr before i intend on playing, or charge it via the laptop and have to redo the pairing when i want to play.