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How can i make a simple but effective timed money bank? Answered

I want to make a money bank that has a slot where money can be added but can't be removed till the time has expired. I have found a few save "X" dollars a week or every other week and i do well for a while then temptation kicks in and before i know it  I have dipped my hand into the money I want to save overall. the construction of the box i can manage its the inner workings and the timer are what i need help with as well as an idea on what to do. 



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3 years ago

I guess your talking a fairly long time, days at least ideally months. This is very hard to do.

Best option would be make it really hard to get into, seal the box up all round, even then, if you'r minded to, you will find a way to justify breaking it open and then regret it later.

Perhaps the best way is to play Psychological games with your self.

SET a target amount. Or a reason i.e. enough to pay for a new phone etc. Then save to that target. This will probably keep you on track better than a lock.

Self discipline is the best lock.

DO I NEED what I am about to buy? (This is not the same as do I WANT it)

Can I afford it at this time?

Are there other things that have priority?

Really ask these things and ensure you can justify the purchase. You will find quite often you DONT need, You have other priorities and you cant afford it any way.

Putting purchase off until tomorrow or next week or until the product is reduced will often save you spending at all.