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How can i make an duplicate of CND UV LED nail curing lamp ? Answered

Hello there! I am planing to make a duplicate of  CND led nail lamp (image 1) . I have an older normal UV lamp (image 2). I have the led Bulbs and the driver for them anid bought relay timer from ebay and the 12v transformer. But the hard part is to make the exact programs. The CND lamp has 4 buttons witch are different programs. 1st - 10 seconds flashing. 2nd - 60 seconds from witch only the first 10 seconds is flashing. 3rd - 60 seconds on. 4th - same like 2nd program. How can i make the programs i have bought and buttons witch i will install?


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Mark Boulton
Mark Boulton

12 months ago

Hi did you make this?
where did you get the parts from ?