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How can i make an outdoor mosquito free enclose? Answered

I already have a mosquito net. It is made specifically for mosquitos, but here's the twist. The enclose that i want it around is somewhat deep in the woods, and it is a tarp fort. The fort is made out of a tarp that is in between two trees and it is slanted. It's pretty much just a right triangle. 

Pretty much all that i am asking is how to seal up the gaps in between the netting and the tarp.


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Best Answer 9 years ago

Duct tape?

I'm only half joking.

Seriously, if the netting and tarp overlap, that's enough of a maze to keep most skeeters out, especially if the edge of the two fabrics is folded/rolled over a bit. If you want something better, the classic answer would be to sew those edges; that's how tents are normally made. If you don't want to deal with sewing and want something more permanent than a fold, a suitable weather-resistant tape may well be the simplest answer.

Remember to think about sealing the bottom of the enclosure as well, perhaps by burying that edge if you aren't going to use part of the tarp as a floor.


Answer 9 years ago

thanks, that is what i had thought about doing, and ultimately did in the end.
as it turns out, most insects are too senseless to actually go below the net, so i didn't have to cover the bottom. all that i had to do was spray the bottom with "bug free backyard" stuff. it seemed to do the trick.