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How can i pun a real signal blinking handle from a car on a PC steering wheel? Answered

I want to modify a PC steering wheel to be real. I want to put a signal blinker handle, by solder the pins on 2 buttons from the gamepad. Can i do without arduino or any PIC programmer a thing like the signal blinking from the car? I want on a PC steering wheel to put a handle for signal blinking. How? I solder the handle pins to the front panel (the buttons from the PC steering wheel, i suspend 2 buttons, like 2 and 4). Can i do a simple circuit when i commute the handle to right for exemple the signal goes once and when i commute back to none the signal goes none. I dont know how to explain. When the handle is on right position the semnal from him must go once, when the handle is switch, the signal from the handle to transmit the signal again, because i solder the pins to buttons command.
Can it be done with something like in the photo?
And here is something like my handle:


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6 years ago

You don't need any additional electronics. If all you want is a lever to activate a switch when pushed up or down that is easy enough. You can remove the buttons from teh PCB on the wheel that you want the lever to activate. Set the lever up to make contact with a couple of micro switches when it's moved. Then wire the micro switches directly to where you removed the oridinal buttons from the wheel.


Answer 6 years ago

if it was that easy trust me i would did it ! I guess that you dont know how the car handle work. To activate and deactivate the signal blinking in a game, you must press 2 times. With this handle from the car you cant press 2 times or activate and deactivate because he stay in a single position. Anyway, thank you for the answer !