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How can i receive two different signals from IR leds, would i need to change the voltage of the reciever also? Answered

I need help on making a program for a stamp preprocessor with two if the els statements for two different IR leds.?



Best Answer 8 years ago

To do that, you need more hardware.

The usual trick is to modulate the emitters, so they flash on and off at say 10kHz and 23 Khz, then at the detector you build two filter blocks, one centred on 10k, the other on 23. Then when the 10K led transmits, the output of the 10K filter is present, when the 23k Led transmits, the 23k filtter is present

If you have control of the emitters from the stamp, then if you turn on one LED, and look for a return, then turn it off, turn on the other, and look for the return from THAT, you can also discriminate between emitters.



8 years ago

I dont know if you can because the IR will mix in the air, causing interference.