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How can i recharge my phone battery while on the run? Answered

My phone is used very often and after 3-4 hours of continual use it goes flat. I need to be able to keep it going for all day, but sometimes i cannot get home in time and it will die before i can recharge it. Its a Motorola V9 and its of much importance to solve this problem otherwise i will have to buy a second battery.



10 years ago

Cell Phone stores have car chargers for every kind of phone they sell, (I'm pretty sure), anytime I've gotten one it was $6-$10 or so. There are also alot of Instructables on solar power supplies. It wouldn't take many cells to make one. Plus there are ibles on, making power supplies from a USB port & USB cable. Hope this helps!


10 years ago

There are quite a few options, they range from disposable batteries to portable chargers.

A disposable battery is more in case of an emergency and gives you another hour or so of battery life - allelectronics.com has a Motorola version; http://tinyurl.com/kpf6my

There are a ton of different options for portable chargers though, I listed a few of what I thought are good options...


Try a Google search for "portable cell phone charger" or something along those lines. I have a credit card sized portable charger that I use to charge both my cell phone and iPod - it charges its internal battery via USB and lasts quite a while. They range from about $10 to $60 and usually the higher the price, the larger the battery capacity - don't go overboard though, a 2000 mAh battery can usually charge your phone battery all the way up