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How can i refill a 20 # propane tank with methane. Where would I make the connection to the tank? Answered

How can I refill a 20# propane tank with methane? I'm not trying to make it liquid just to hold a compressed volume of gas.



6 years ago

You don't . At least you don't if you're not planning on making "Suicide Bombing" a career move. I cannot emphasise strongly enough, this would not be clever. Methane is stored as CNG at 200bar, whereas, comapritivly speaking propane is about 20, so Propane plays at it.

Google CNG cylinder explosions, and maybe you'll get the idea.
Never do this. You'll take out several strreets. I kid not.


10 years ago

. Since you will be dealing with vapor only, it will not matter which tank connection you use. Only important when using liquid. . Be careful and make sure to keep the pressure within the tank specs.