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How can i repair the volume control in headphones? Answered

Volume control in my headphones are not working correctly. As I increase/decrease volume, sound in one or other or both speaker vanishes. I just bought them a month ago. Is there a way I can remove volume control from these headphones and make it 'direct' and control the volume using only software (media player, etc).



Best Answer 10 years ago

If you can see how to dismantle them, you will find the control will most likely have three soldered connections for each channel. If so you need to locate the connection that connects to the slider element of the control. This connection affectively moves from a minimum level to maximum level as the control is operated and connects to each ear piece. The other two connections for each channel usually at either end of the control connect to ground and signal in. If you have located the slider connection, you can remove it from the wiper point and reconnect it to the "high level in" end of the control. The volume control will no longer function. Note stereo headphones although may have a single control have two independant control circuit connections for left and right channels so don't mix up the connections, work on one channel first before altering the other. I presume they are not under warranty! Lastly before altering the wiring try a very small droplet of WD40 and see if will migrate inside the control, this sometimes works on itermittent volume controls. Hope this helps... regards