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How can i turn a wireless mouse reciever into a xbox 360 wireless receiver for PC? Answered

How can i turn a wireless USB mouse reciever into a wireless reciever so my wireless 360 controller can connect to the PC.



10 years ago

Even if your wireless mouse receiver operates on the same frequency as a 360 controller, you'd probably still have some issues getting it to connect. I'm fairly sure that the controller is only detectable by the M$ receiver, as they undoubtedly talk to each other before connecting to prevent you for doing exactly this. Perhaps you could fool the Wireless Xbox 360 Controller drivers into thinking that your mouse receiver is the wireless module... Here's the download page if you want to mess around with that http://www.microsoft.com/hardware/download/download.aspx?category=Gaming. But you're probably SOL, you're better of buying one.