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How can i use parts from a non working tattoo power supply in a pc psu? Answered

Hello all new here. I know that this has been asked but i would like to know how i would be able to use the plug ports, the on off switch, the digital display volt meter, the knob, and led light. I want to use those exact parts on a pc psu. I've seen guides on how to make a power supply, but not with the parts i want to use. I'm a noob at this and would like a very descriptive guide with many details on how to achieve this task. This is a pic of the cheaply made tattoo power supply i used for one session  about an hour and went out. Thank you in advance.



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7 years ago

Why do you want to use these parts with a PC supply - I am guessing that your going to replace the broken PSU with the PC PSU?

Making the PC PSU variable is probably beyond your skill set at present and would pose a strong risk of electric shock to you and your clients.