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How can one get funding for projects and ideas? Grants, investors...? Answered

I have ideas... lots of ideas. Everything from electric motorcycle to camper/cargo trailers  to cnc painting robot... I don't have enough money to do any of them. Ideas?


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Best Answer 11 years ago

Ideas they got.  They got Ideas coming out their ... well you know the rest.  They can't swing a prospectus around without hitting a man with an idea.

What they need are people with ideas that have the knowledge or at least a hint of what it would take to r/d then produce the idea to a sellable product and get it on the market.

You need to learn to write grant/backing proposals.  They have to explain simply the concept, need, financial and have a business plan.  They need to be professional.  Or at least have the appearance of being professional.

Spelling and grammar counts alot.