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How can one join large pictures together into one file? Answered

I'm trying to start a comic strip. I've drawn each cell and scanned them. I've been trying to put them together on MS PAINT, but I'm having trouble. There doesn't seam to be anyway to zoom out, just reducing to size of the images, which reduces the quality. Any ideas?



Best Answer 10 years ago

Resize your 'canvas' with Image - Attributes (CTRL-E), i.e. increase the width. Copy the next frame from another instance of Paint and Edit - Paste (CTRL-V), drag it to the right into position. L


10 years ago

Try this. I'm not sure that it will work in Paint but it works in the photo software I use. Start a new picture. Under "image" pick "stretch/skew". Change 100% to 500 or 600 or what ever you think will work. If you're doing a "strip" then don't change the height just the width. Now try to insert your seperate drawings/pictures. If it works then when finished you can crop off the extra. THere are several free of shareware softwares out there that make it really easy to take several drawings and combine into a comic strip or page. Good luck and let us see the finished product whichever software you use.