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How can we keep our dog from jumping on the door to let us know she's ready to come in from the outside? Answered

Our dog is a little bit afraid of noise so a device that makes noise to alert us to her being at the door probably wouldn't work very well.




10 years ago

Our dog did the same thing so my sister made a drawing of a person and taped it to the window so are dog was to afraid to jump up! We were really surprised!


Answer 10 years ago

. Great idea! . I'll have to try that with my Australian Cattle Dog - she will scratch at the door if she gets shut outside. It doesn't happen very often, but she has managed to put a few scratches in the glass.


10 years ago

Elaborate thought - Get a cheap / old cellphone and program a speed-dial. Connect it to a big button or lever and train your dog to use that. The phone would then call you? If you have ideas for 'noise' move the noise away from the door? L