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How can you make a mace and chain? (medival) Answered

For Halloween I was really hoping to make a medival armor thing. I've seen instructables on swords, sheilds, gnautlets, helmuts, and chain mail. I haven't seen any about armor or a unique weapon. I think it would be really cool if you could show up looking like a real knight.



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9 years ago

With mace and chain I assume you mean a flail (it sort of looks like the head of a mace on a chain). To make a prop try this link.The materials are easily accessible and the steps seem quite straight forward.

As for making armour. Well.. there are millions of sites on how to make armour. Everything from medieval blacksmiths making it out of metal to Pepakura designs made from paper and everything in between (wood, foam, plastic, etc). I would suggest you choose the type of material and methods you are comfortable with and hit google or youtube. Good luck!