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How can you make and use a Multicast Imaging server? Answered

I am a tech at a school and am assigned with making setting up a mulicast imaging server. We are running Windows 2008 servers SP2. Using System Center to deploy things currently.  



Best Answer 8 years ago

I recommend Symantec Ghost not Norton Ghost if you can. It has a removable memory network setup program to activate either uni-cast or multi-cast image creation or applying. Recommend Uni-cast to use across networks using an IP address, and Multi-cast is recommended not to be used on an open network. Instead just use a large hub and connect directly to the computer you wish to image. Do Not Connect a Multi-cast server with no designated IP address to the Internet. Trust me thats a whole mess of trouble. The removable media device network is required of both uni and multi-cast. Just start the program and set it up to be waiting on the server, remove the flash drive, and do the same thing on each computer, then start the imaging process.


8 years ago

I'm not sure I'm following the question. Did you mean "multicast"? What do you mean by "imaging" -- system installation/configuration?

I built a system with those two features for IBM, as part of the underpinnings of our 1992 World's Fair "distributed pavillion". I can't give you much in the way of detail, for obvious reasons, but basically the first step is to learn how to use datagrams (the lowest level of the communication protocol, and one which is not inherently reliable). Then learn how to work with them in broadcast mode. Then build an efficient protocol on top of them, which minimizes how much data must be sent across the network while keeping track of whether all the machines have received the complete transmission. Finally, use that protocol to distribute the files.

If your question isn't how to code this from the ground up, but how to use existing tools -- find the manual for those tools, read it, understand it, install them, run them.