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How can you make custom shaped sprinkles in large quantities? Answered

I've found recipes for sprinkles, but their all either normal shaped sprinkles, or made out of paper clay. I'd like to make some custom shaped sprinkles, preferably ones that are actually edible. I was playing with the idea of doing it in the same way you make custom gummy shapes (theres a gummy lego brick instructable somewhere), but with the time required and the size of the sprinkles this seems impractical. Ideally I'd like a few different shapes - all Star Trek and dinosaur related, of course, but I don't want to spend several days making a few at a time (the recipe says it takes 24 hours)

So, does anyone know of a
- faster sprinkles recipe
- good way to make a mold for a lot of small pieces (I don't see sticking a bunch of tiny Spock heads into a silicone mold as the preferable method, but it seems like it would work)
- or another way to make shaped sprinkles besides a mold


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10 years ago

The industrial solution would probably be to extrude in the proper shape and cut cross-sections thereof. You might also be able to do something cookie-cutter-ish.