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How can you somehow create a way to electronically count the number of bats going in and out of a bat house? Answered

For my Advanced Biology class at school I am thinking about starting a bat project. I have a way to measure the temperature and humidity of the inside of the bat boxes, but would really like some sort of sensor to count how many bats are in there...and manually isn't going to work so well. Any suggestions? Any other bat-related ideas? (Other than selling bat guano...already been suggested) thanks



9 years ago

 the IR idea is great but why not just use a motion detector and place it in such a way where it will go off evey time a bat leaves


10 years ago

if your just trying to get a count on the bats you can get one of those small IR cameras and set it up to take snap shots every few minutes and just count the bats in the pictures, or you could also buy one of those cheasy laser door chimes and rig it up to a counter instead of a charm. so that when a bat breaks the laser beam it increases the tally.

a better way is to make 2 sensors and have them go off when they enter or leave he box and touch corresponding sensor to see how many went in and out