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How come my mouse wont work? Answered

i just bought a giga ware usb optical mouse. i got home and plugged it in and it wont work. it says stuff like something went wrong so your hardware might not work properly and stuff like that. oh and im using an hp compaq nc6400 runs on windows xp professional. please help



8 years ago

I would make sure it's absolutely clean on the bottom, then try it again. I hope you got it to work! :)


10 years ago

good thought bwpatton about the tape over the optical. If it doesn't work - unplug it, reboot the computer, then plug it back in and dont touch it until it says 'working properly'. Return it if its not working properly. Basic mice don't need extra drivers.


10 years ago

Uhh, did u install the software that came with the mouse, If that dosent work then try looking on the bottom of the mouse, see if there is a sticker or some tape or something on the bottom.