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How could I make a clock where the hour hand moves only once per hour, in one swift motion? Answered

I am a novice techie, very novice, but i have began to design a clock where the hour hand and minute hand need to move is one swift motion.  For example the minute hand moves just once every 60 seconds, and the hour hand moves just once at the top of the hour.  Im not sure if it would be called nonsweep or what.  I've seen those swiss clocks where I believe the minute hand does this, but I need the hour hand to do it too.  Im just so lost on this.  Dont know weather to go electronic or analog or what.  I need some real techie help here.  I would like to keep this as simple as possible...mostly for my own sake.  Im planning on making some clocks for christmas presents so hopefully you guys can help me solve this problem.  Thanks in advance guys!



Best Answer 9 years ago

Look for the "Arduino" and stepper motors




The hands of your clock would be fastened to the motors, which "step" every time you pulse them. Once an hour, you send enough pulses to move one hour's worth of clock face. Every time it passes through 12, you would have a little sensor that says "I am back to the beginnng".



9 years ago

I don't ask questions anymore I just GOOGLE!   The library is also a very good resource-  don't be afraid to ask the Librarian for help- sometimes they aren't real social but, they know how to find 'stuff'  in the library- (they usually  bury me in high quality resources!)

For inspiration I recomend you read -"The Boy who Captured the Wind"


9 years ago

Here's an Arduino tutorial site.

That's the best place to start if you don't have an electronics background or have big gaps in your elec. knowledge.  You have to start somewhere and the best place is the beginning.

Also google "electronic tutorial"  and "stepper tutorial" if the arduino site doesn't tell you everything you want to know.

It would be helpful to your learning process if you got a "trainer kit".  That way you have lots of parts right at hand and a programmed learning process.  At some point soon, you will realize that you know enough to do what you what to do with your clocks.


9 years ago

I reckon a (an?) Arduino with a few electric motors is the way to go.  Search here on this site.  Loads of idea's.  You should also consider a word clock.


9 years ago

the simplest way i can think of is to program a chip with your own code, then add servos to the minute/hour hands


Answer 9 years ago

Don't mean to be so lost, but could you point me in a direction as far as a webpage, or book, where I could begin to obtain the knowledge required to do this?  I really want to learn how you guys do all the electronic stuff, servos, circuit boards, transistors, etc etc....it all sounds so interesting, but I dont even know where to begin.  Thanks for your fast reply too!