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How could I make a full body apron for a Pyramid head costume? Answered

I already have some cloth I  plan to use. I just need some help on the pattern, and maybe on how to paint it in the end.
This Halloween aught to be pretty awesome if I can get this right, but so far, my mask seems a little small... maybe it's just me, but hopefully I can make a good pyramid head apron and mitts!

THIS IS FOR THE SILENT HILL 2 PYRAMID HEAD! Not the movie/homecoming one!


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10 years ago

well from what i did was this get a old table cloth (the really thick kind that go over long tables )probibly 6 to 8 feet long

now hers the fun part you got to make this thing look like taterd fleash that was sewn together right?
take the table cloth and run it over add some coffe grinds make it as messed up as possible take some red acrylic paint  and some blue  acrylic paint to add the bloddy look mix together water and 8 drops red paint then add in 2 dropps double this if you need more blood color and splash it on the cloth  voila done


11 years ago

From what I've seen it just looks like a bed sheet inaccurately foldedin half and wrapped around the person who has that symetrically deformed head.