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How could I shoot this type of video? Answered

I have been planning on shooting a postapacalyptic movie now for some time, and I have been wondering on how to get the "look" I want.

I want the film to have a "gritty" feel to it. I recently have been playing through the Command & Conquer series, and I really like the way the video cutscenes look. they definitely have that "gritty" feel.

How would I shoot footage to look like this? I have provided a screenshot below as an example.

Thanks in advance!



Best Answer 8 years ago

There are way too many tips and tricks to list them one by one, and various people will always disagree on which techniques are the best. So I'll adress specific things in regards to that picture- 1. The background in particular looks slightly desatured. I would say it's at about 90% saturation. 2. It appears to have been color-corrected in some way to show more reds than green or blues. 3. There appears to be some sort of "film grit" applied to the picture. Google "add noise to video" and you'll see a lot of techniques for your particular editing program. 4. After the desaturation, there is likely some contrasting done, at least on the ship. My guess is that it may be "hard light" compositing set at a smaller opacity- 30 to 40 percent.

The hardest thing you'll have to decide is whether to try and shoot with this look, or do it in post. To get reddish video, you can white balance on something slightly blue, and this will "warm" (make the reds come out). Baby blue will give you a mock sunset-hour sort of look. The opposite is also true, white-balancing on something slightly orange will make your video look really cold. This is done quite often for dim futuristic type movies. If you are shooting on film and not video, there are different types of film you can use for certain looks.

However, while you CAN do it when you are shooting, 11 times out of 10 it will be better to do it in post. Just film everything normally, and if you don't like how your effect comes out... boom, you can switch it. If you decide later that certain parts should be cleaner, it's still within your control. However, it's much more difficult to normalize the look once you've already dirtied it up.


Answer 8 years ago

I forgot that I was going to add all these effects in post. I am running final cut studio.


9 years ago

What camera do you have and what scenery?