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How could one go about building an electrolaser? Answered

I know there are a few questions from 5-7 years ago, but they didn't seem to have a definitive answer.

What would be required(financially and knowledge) to build laser induce plasma channel electrolaser? (see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electrolaser)
What amount of energy would be required for a small beam to ionize air 15 to 20 feet away? 
How could someone build a device like that?



1 year ago

1. you won't have the power available in your residential fusebox.
2. the optics you require are quite costly.
3. the laser required falls into the category where you are required to have a permit for it.
4. since it needs massive amounts of power and won't be hand held you want to get a second hand tank or similar as a base platform.
5. building costs I would estimate to be in excess of 500 large.
6. unless you have your own private island or can operate outside the law you won't be able to finnish the project before ending in jail ;)

As for 6 : In most modern countries the use of directed enery weapons is a federal offence, in others it falls under the category of using military weapons without permission to do so.

And last but not least: If you need to ask how to make one you are certainly not qualified to build one ;)


Reply 2 months ago

I'm having trouble understanding your thinking here, could you be a bit more condescending?


12 months ago

There is a patent for it online. Maybe that could help.

Jack A Lopez

1 year ago

I am not sure what, for you, qualifies as a, "definitive answer".

You provide no links to the older Answers topics you found unsatisfying, but I am guessing you tired asking the "search answers" form about, "electrolaser"


I dunno. It looks like there are some good leads there.

Also in the Wikipedia article for "Lightning", under the heading, "Artificially triggered", there a bunch of references, one of them, number 112,

Terawatt Laser Beam Shot in the Clouds Provokes Lightning Strike


...well actually, that article was kind of empty, but it led me look up the name of the group that made the laser, "Teramobile", and a few of their pages look interesting:



Coincidentally, those pages are also several years old, like from 2008, 2011.

Anyway, one thing these lasers all seem to have in common, is that they're pulsed, and the peak power is, like, huge, in the terawatts (1 TW = 10^12 W), and the pulses are absurdly fast, like measured in femtoseconds (1 fs = 10^15 s) The actual energy in the pulse might only be around 1 joule. That Teramobile page quotes a total pulse energy of 350 mJ = 0.35 J. A user here, named Grenadier was guessing 10J, for a hypothetical Q-switched UV-C laser,

"You'd need a Q switched UV-C laser, 10J per pulse minimum."

That was from one of those old, undefinitive, answers that you already looked at.

Also, maybe Wikipedia could tell you more about these superfast pulsed lasers?



Also, have you tried looking for "electrolaser", "deathray", "ultimate terror weapon", on eBay?

If you haven't tried that, you should, because there is new, interesting, high-tech stuff, being offered for sale there all the time.

Josehf Murchison

1 year ago

Wouldn't the plasma channel do more damage than the electrical pulse?


1 year ago

Easier to just steal one from the alien mother ship parked above the Grand Canyon. You can get ringed on board by using the secret universal password "beam me up Scottie." Once you get onboard your on your own. However a positive note-- they are vegan's and in fact started the movement here on earth so they are not interested in eating you. Probing might be a different story though.


1 year ago

I agree with Rick, you are unlikely to posses the skill set to build the device..

But if you are determined to continue, there is some work using a double digit watt CO2 gas Laser to ionize
air and guide terrestrial atmospheric lightning to follow an Ionized
O2, N2 gas track to a target area about 200' distant...


1 year ago

Mmm After looking up the Wiki, this is going to be some kind of plasma bases Taser.

My feeling is if you have to ask the question you'r not going to have the skill set to do the project.

Sorry at this point " I am out"