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How could you possibly renew an old backpack? Answered

I am trying to turn an old backpack into something special. It's just a plain black backpack with no logos or designs. Preferably  I would like it to be made out of common items. Sorry if it's too much to ask. Thanks



Best Answer 8 years ago

Some ideas from my side:

- buy some fur and sew it on the bag to make a furry bag
- put many keyrings on the bag, so the you attach many useful things
- buy patches of your favorite band, and so on...
- collect buttons and apply as much as possible
- take solar cells/panels an d mount them on the bag, so that you get a portable power source which could charge your mobile phone/your mp3 player/your batteries while outside
- apply additional pockets to increase the storage volume
- Apply many LEDs and a microcontroller, so that you can program a backpack light show (chargeable maybe through solar panels)
- use velcro fastener all over the bag, so that you can easily put your items at the bag
- use thermal color on your bag, so that it will change color when you get form a hot to a cold room and vice versa
- use LED strips or foil and a light sensor to make your bag glow in the dark

Just some of my ideas ;) Hope this helped you.


8 years ago

you can do what electro peppers said or you could just be happy with the old fashioned backpack
I am adding to electro peppers idea
lapel pins (pin as many as you can on)
old cds(sew them on)


Answer 8 years ago

Thanks guys. This was really useful, and you responded within hours.


Answer 8 years ago

no prob (nothing better to do than answer questions)