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How difficult would it be for a former piano player to learn pedal steel guitar? Answered

I don't live in that 'neck of the woods' where pedal steel guitars are popular, but have always loved the sound, country western in particular. I've played some rhythm guitar years ago. How difficult is it to learn pedal steel guitar? I'm looking for a 'for instance' here as it's a personal commitment & takes practice, but that's no problem for me. Thank you.



Best Answer 10 years ago

I don't know but if you are a musician at any level that enjoys playing, go for it. I think a pedal steel guitar is similar to playing a guitar laid flat. The fingering may be backwards and you use a steel or glass slide. The picking will be similar to what you know on a regular guitar. There may be a few pedals or a knee whammy bar to add to the sound. Go to a music store to try one out! Good luck.


10 years ago

Hi Caitlin's Dad, Appreciate you answering my question. Hard to find, but I'll keep looking for a music store that may have a used a pedal steel for sale, so I can give it a try. Thanks, atcz