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How difficult/easy would it be to embed LEDs into a Rubik's Cube so that when solved, each individual face lights up? Answered

possible ideas: 1) individual circuits: one for each color/face. (if one face is solved it lights up even when rest of cube is scrambled) 2) one circuit throughout connecting all pieces. (this way it wouldn't glow unless entire cube was solved) Using some sort of conductive material in between the smaller cubes to complete circuit(s). Button cell batteries to power LEDs?


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11 years ago

It'd be fairly difficult, but not impossible... If each block has a path that only works when the blocks are oriented in the correct positions, you should be able to do it either as a whole, or just as individual faces. plant the battery in one of the pieces. The most difficult part of a project like this I think would be getting a material that's conductive, but won't wear down significantly after time. Maybe a spring/ball combination so the ball would push down on contact, but the spring would keep it up otherwise. This is a cool idea, you should definitely pursue it.