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How do I Keep a Swimming Pool Clean? Answered

I have a pool in my yard that nobody has used for years.  I would love to backfill it with dirt but my wife says no.  I am getting sick and tired of using "human safe" chemicals to keep it clean, especially as it still gets algae during our hot Las Vegas summers.

I am looking for some chemical(s) are are EPA legal but so powerful that nobody should swim in them.  Essentially, what I want is something that will kill everything in the water and keep it dead for a significant period of time.



7 years ago

pond supply get a and a smaller pump and a uv light rated to your new pumps gph gallons per hour. tye the uv light in so it feeds through the filter and uv light and let it run 24/4

my pool stays crystal clear and i keep chlorine at .5 ppm


8 years ago

Bleach. Gallons and gallons of bleach. Google the BBB method.