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How do I Making a mould from a ironman helmet made from Polyurethane resin? Answered

I have recently brought a hollow wearable ironman helmet cast from  Polyurethane resin. I was wondering if its possible to take a mould of this helmet to recast it make replicas? any help would be greatly appreciated..? I have uploaded a picture of the helmet so you can see it.. Thanks Chris


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11 years ago

First it would be illegal to do, because you don't own the copyright to the character.  Second, it would be immoral because you aren't the artist who created the 3D work, nor are you willing to pay them for their effort.

Since the picture doesn't show up on my screen, you have to figure out if you need a rigid mold (like plaster) or a soft one (like RTV) that can be pulled out of an undercut area.  Should figure out how many you want to make as well, 'cause you aren't going to want to spend $100 on a mold you only use once or twice, BUT you want to get a good casting so you aren't wasting money on resin, either.