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How do I add 3d models to my instructable? Answered

I recently used tinkercad to complete a project and I was trying, unsuccessfully, to add the basic 3d model to the instructable. Any help is welcomed. I don't want to, but I will if I have to, just take screenshots and post those. Again thank you.


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6 years ago

There are hosting site for 3D models like 3dVia and some offer to embed the viewer like a picture or video.

For a basic check you can also use a screen recorder and create a video of your model while you spin it and highlight what is needed on information.

The actual 3D model can be uploaded to a file hoster and you add a download link to your Instructable.

A lot of 3D design programs also offer the export in many diffrent formats, some even animated.

If you want to make it a bit easier for the user provide the files in several common 3D formats for download and include a viewer for at least one of them.

This way any user can have a visual check in your Instructable and a more detailed look once he decides to actually download the information.

I don't think Instructables has a way of directly using 3D models but you could try to embed them in HTML code.


Reply 6 years ago

Allright I'll give some of those a try. Thank you.