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How do I add an iPod/mp3 player jack (aux) to my CD/radio stereo shelf system? Answered

We have a stereo shelf system and want to plug the iPod Touch into it, so we can make use of the speakers. We also want to play our CDs and use the radio.


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11 years ago

Your stereo should support one of the following:

Ipod dock (digital) input.  This is the best option, but most expensive.  You get a proper dock that plugs into the amp and allows choosing songs, showing the playing track, etc on the amp.

Auxiliary in - Again you use a generic dock with audio out - and plug that into your amp's audio input aux.  Plenty exist - here on ibles you can find instructions on how to access the audio signals in the ipod connector to build your own dock.

Worst case scenario - get a headphone >> rca audio connector cable. hook it up to your amp's auxiliary input, and plug into the pod's headphone jack.  Least functionality, but it does what you want - 'play the ipod through the stereo'.

Absolute worst case scenario - your amp doesn't support aux input - you're kinda boned.


Answer 11 years ago

One thing I never touched on:  Low quality but it works for some applications - an fm transmitter.  Plugs into the ipod (headphone or dock connector) and then transmits on an unused fm station - which your stereo can then pick up.  Some frequencies work better than others, depending on your location.