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How do I add text to a photograph, like on lolcats.com? Answered

I have a pc running vista, with various simple photo editing software applications installed, including MS-Paint. I want to put text on a photograph I took of my cat so I can submit it to lolcats.com.



10 years ago

I don't think MS paint will do it. I opened paint and couldn't figure out how to put a photo into it, but I didn't try very long. You have to have some photo editing software. there are lots of free stuff out there and probably your camera came with something that will work. I think a software called "Gimp" will do it. It's free and you can just download it and install it and you're off and running. Open the photo you want to edit then look for "text or add text" in the menu and follow the directions. You should be able to pick the size, color location and style. And of course what the text actually says. Good luck.


Answer 10 years ago

In paint all you have to do is open paint and then go File>open and open the picture with it. Once you ahve the picture in paint is it a piece of cake to add the text since Paint has a text tool. Personally I use PowerPoint to make pictures do this. When you have finished adding all you want to the picture as a slide you simply use "Save-As" and select .jpg format for the save and ... voila!


10 years ago

Ahem, duh.