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How do I add the artist's name in my iTunes library (and iPod) when the music CD is not commercially available? Answered

The music is from a friend's daughter and I would like to have her name displayed, not just "Track 01" etc. I have no trouble downloading the music, adding anything descriptive escapes me.




10 years ago


If you're using a Windows operating system then this is relatively simple. What you use to accomplish the task depends on how much you want to play with the various data fields available.

The information containing in these files (not just the file name itself) is usually referred to as the ID3 tags. See http://www.id3.org/ for reference or recommendations for non-Windows software.

A couple of freeware options that I've used over the years for fast editing or adding this data where none exists are:

Audioshell http://www.softpointer.com/AudioShell.htm - adds editing of ID3 data on right-click of supported file types. I use it on my XP netbook, not sure if it's Vista or Windows 7 stable. The guy that writes it also sells the excellent Tag&Rename software which is far more powerful and Vista safe ;)

Songbird http://getsongbird.com/ - great software with full iTunes import and export capabilities. Slight learning curve but nothing stressful. Highly recommended.

Hope this helps,