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How do I adjust the pilot light on an older Intertherm Furnace? Answered

I have an older Intertherm Furnace with a Unitrol controler Model 110ER and I need to turn up the pilot light on it.  It was working perfect, never going out. Then this summer the my propane company replaced the pressure regulator on the tank and since then I have had a problem with the furnace staying lit. It appears to be getting blown out sometimes when the main burner lights. The gas does not light immediately but instead delays and builds up a little and then when it flashes it blows itself out. So I need to turn the pilot up. I have spent hours doing searches but I have not found any manual or instruction on how to turn up the pilot in this model. Anyone have an idea as to which screw to turn and how much?



4 years ago

Make the utility blow out the sand they drooped into your gas line when they replaced your P-regulator and by the way have them raise the pilot at the same time..